Stockfield Community Association

Information For Leaseholders

The Freehold of your property is owned by Birmingham City Council

Your Landlord is Stockfield Community Association (Subsidiary) Limited and is the Headleaseholder.

You are the Underleaseholder.

If you have any queries regarding your underleasehold ownership contact the Association on

If you have any queries regarding Ground Rent payments contact Phil Baker on 0121 360 4110 or use

Ground Rent Increase  Under the terms of your lease your Ground Rent will increase from £75 to £150 per annum. Depending on the original lease date this increase will be applied between 2017 and 2020.

Landlord’s permission to carry out improvements

Your Lease details all of those things for which you need permission (and these are not restricted to works). You need permission from your Landlord even if you do not need Planning Permission for the works you are contemplating. You need to obtain permission in advance and your Landlord provides a free service provided you utilise your Landlords normal Board Meeting cycle. Your Landlord provides a fast track service between Board Meetings for which a fee is payable. Your Landlord is unlikely to give permission for certain works such as removal of, or fundamental change to, boundary walls and gates and works that reduce the number of available off-street parking spaces to less than 2, or make off-street parking spaces unusable for the parking of vehicles. Your Landlord will always require that consultation with your neighbours takes place before considering approval of works to your home and written statements of “no objections” from your immediate neighbours must accompany your application for approval.


Purchasing the Freehold of your property

Birmingham City Council owns the Freehold and will sell this to you under the provisions of the Leasehold Reform Act. You will, however, have to purchase your Landlords Headlease at the same time. The web site details likely costs and how you can apply to acquire these superior interests. Please note that the requirement to seek Stockfield’s permission prior to carrying out works transfers to your Freehold ownership if you acquire the Freehold. Download the Right To Buy advice note here.