Stockfield Community Association

Stockfield’s Directors

Elections for 6 Local Directors took place in 2015 the next Elections will be held in 2018. Birmingham City Council and Bromford Housing Group each have 2 nominations to the Board and there are 2 Independent Directors.

The following Directors currently serve on the Board

Mike Russell    Chairman  appointed  1996 Retired Chartered Accountant, an Independent Director

Pam Smith  Company Secretary appointed  1991 Local Elected Director

Ann Ross  served 1998 to 2012 reappointed  2013 Local Elected Director

Amanda Millward  appointed 2003 Local Elected Director

Liz Leach  appointed 2014 Local Elected Director

David Stokes served 2014 to 2015 co-opted to the Board 2016 Local Co-opted Director

Natalie Robertson Housing Professional Bromford Housing Group nominee Director  from March 2017

Jas Mahami Housing Professional Bromford Housing Group nominee Director from February 2018

Natalie Potter Housing professional Birmingham City Council from May 2018


The following are ex-Directors who served on the Board during 2017

Arthur Tsang

Rishi Spolia

Darrin Gamble

Sue Allen

Stewart Stacey