Stockfield Community Association

About Us

Stockfield Community Association is an innovative association originally set up to facilitate the rebuilding of the Stockfield estate when, in the late 1980s, residents were told that their homes were no longer safe and would have to be demolished.

Through much hard work, the Stockfield neighbourhood has been rebuilt, with new homes, new facilities and a wide range of activities and initiatives to continue to ensure that the best interests of the community are served.

Today the Association is still working hard and investing in the community to fulfill its mission statement:

'To work with the residents of the Stockfield Estate to achieve a self supporting community living in high quality houses in a pleasant and safe environment'

To read the full story of Stockfield Community Association, read the 'Stockfield Story' which was written in memory of the late Martin Knox who played a vital role in the establishment of the Association, and with an introduction by the late Lord Mayor and Birmingham City Council Councillor Mike Nangle who worked tirelessly on the redevelopment of Stockfield.

Stockfield Community Association offers hosted visits from groups eager to see how Stockfield has been rebuilt, inspiring others with the story of what can achieved. If you would like to visit Stockfield please contact us

Stockfield Community Association is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales no 2588109. Registered Charity no 1003108. and is a non-registered Housing Association  providing social family homes for rent.


High quality social houses for rent.