Text Box: Stockfield Community Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I would like to rent a property on the Stockfield Estate, how do I go about it?

A – The best approach is to contact Stockfield’s Housing Officer Anil Gill - Neighbourhood Coach Tel: 07540 677807 or anil.gill@bromford.co.uk

Q – I am a Stockfield Tenant and would like to move to another Stockfield dwelling on the estate, Can I do this?

A – This may be possible under Stockfield’s Local Lettings Policy, which is reproduced on the website. Existing Stockfield Tenants are given priority for allocation to vacant dwellings providing of course the Tenant’s housing needs qualify him/her for the dwelling.

Q – I am a Tenant of Stockfield Community Association is Stockfield a Housing Association like Bromford?

A – Stockfield Community Association is a Social Landlord and is a Charity and is a Housing Association but unlike Bromford which is an RSL (Registered Social Landlord) Stockfield is not regulated by the Government: it is therefore a non-registered Social Landlord or Non-registered Housing Association.

Q - Are all residents on the Stockfield Estate Members of the Community Association?

A – No: Stockfield does not have “members”: all residents are, however, potential beneficiaries of the Association. The only Company Members are the Company Directors and the Residents of the estate elect 6 of these in formal elections every 3 years.

Q – Who is my Landlord?

A – If you live in rented accommodation on the Stockfield Estate your Landlord will either be: Stockfield Community Association, Bromford Housing Group or A Private Landlord (very few on the Stockfield Estate). Birmingham City Council has no rented accommodation on the Stockfield Estate.

If you are an Owner Occupier in a Leasehold Property your Landlord (Head-lease holder) is Stockfield Community Association (Subsidiary) Limited.

Q – Is my Tenancy with Stockfield the same as a Birmingham City Council Tenancy?

A – No: The Council issues Secure Tenancies, the Association issues Assured Tenancies. The Association’s Tenancy Conditions are produced in full on the web site. All new Stockfield Tenancies from 1st January 2005 are Starter Tenancies, which provided the Tenant’s Household does not contravene its obligations under the Starter Tenancy for 12 months, will become an Assured Tenancy. If you have an Assured Tenancy it means your Landlord cannot repossess your home without a direction from the Courts.

Q – Can I buy my home from the Association?

A – No: The Association is a Private Social Landlord and does not grant any Rights to Buy to its Tenants. 

Q – Is Stockfield Community Association responsible for repair and upkeep of the Estate Roads?

A – No: All of the roads on the Stockfield Estate are adopted public highways and therefore Birmingham City Council is responsible.


Q – Does Stockfield Community Association own Stockfield Park?

A – No: The land and play equipment belongs to Birmingham City Council and it is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the Park.


Q - We understood that Stockfield Community Association would be providing a Community Centre on the estate. Why hasn’t it been built?


A - When the Association was established it was given one aim and that was to bring about the demolition and replacement of the non-traditionally constructed Council Houses on the estate. This it achieved in only 5 years.

During that 5 year period, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, the Association helped design the relocated park, which was wholly funded by the Council. Within the original design for the park the Association made sure that there was an area identified for the future development of a Community Centre. Any development of such a facility could only take place if funds could be raised.

Unfortunately Birmingham City Council’s Planning requirements for Acocks Green have changed over the years and the location of a facility in the Park is no longer acceptable. There is no undeveloped land available within the Estate and there are few opportunities for such a development close to, but off, the Estate.

In recent years the Association invested considerable funds to design a redevelopment of buildings at Acocks Green Baptist Church to provide community facilities for the Association, unfortunately at the Planning approval stage the Church withdrew its proposals and the money spent by Stockfield proved to be abortive.

The Association continues to search for appropriate land or buildings for a Community facility.


Q – Who are the Company Directors?

A  - The Company structure is set out in the Association’s Annual Trustee’s Report, the most recent of which is detailed on the web site.


Q – How are Directors chosen or appointed?

A – The Association has 12 Directorships. 4 of the Directors are nominated to the Board. Birmingham City Council and Bromford Housing Group each nominate 2 Directors. Six of the Directors are elected by the Residents of the Stockfield Estate and these Elections take place every 3 years. The next Election will take place 2019. The remaining 2 Directorships are offered to suitable independent persons.


Q – Do all the Directors have to live on the Stockfield Estate?

A – No: Only Locally elected Resident Directors are required to live on the Estate.


Q – Why does the Association have large reserves on its Balance Sheet.

A – The Association adopts “Whole Life Costing” for its rented accommodation. This essentially means that those people who “use up” the property – create wear and tear; pay for the repair and replacements. Since the Association let its first properties some of each year’s rental income has been set aside to fund major repair and maintenance programmes scheduled to take place in the future - as certain components in the houses wear out. Details are included in the Annual Trustee’s Report, which is reproduced on the web site. By setting aside these funds the Association can guarantee that when, for instance, kitchens need refurbishing in the future, the funds will be available.


Q – I am a Tenant of Stockfield Rented Accommodation do I need permission from my Landlord to carry out improvements?

A – Yes: Your Tenancy Agreement (reproduced on the web site) details all of those things for which you need permission (and these are not restricted to works). You need permission from your Landlord even if you do not need Planning Permission for the works you are contemplating. You need to obtain permission in advance and your Landlord provides a free service.